Visit: Stavanger, Norway (Part One: Pulpit Rock)

When planning our trip, we were really keen to see some of Norway's amazing natural attractions, namely Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) and Kjeragbolten, so it made perfect sense for us to stay in the town of Stavanger located in the south west of Norway.  

After the looooong drive from Oslo to Stavanger (let's just say that the speed limit became tedious at times), and a good night sleep, we hopped on a boat to cruise down the Lysefjord which was just breathtaking! The scenery was absolutely amazing and the commentary (which was broadcast in a number of different languages) provided lots of interesting facts and stories about the locations we saw along the way! 

You can choose to take a round trip with the boat, or you can be dropped off on the way back at a bus which will deliver you at the start of the hike to Pulpit Rock, which is what we chose to do. I would say that the hike itself is of easy-medium difficulty. There is a really clear path and although there are a few reasonably steep sections, the footing is stable and well defined. All in all it took about 3 and a half hours at a leisurely pace and is an approximately 6km return journey.

The Pulpit Rock itself is a 25x25m flat, rectangle jutting out of the cliff face 600m above the Lysesfjord. The view from the rock was just spectacular and it was unbelievable seeing the tiny boats below and thinking that just a few hours earlier we were down there looking up at what seemed like such a tiny, insignificant rock from below!